FAQs - U.S. Marshals Service Car Auction in E. Brunswick, NJ

Below are answers to common questions about buying at U.S. Marshals Car Auction in East Brunswick, NJ. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at service@cwsmarketing.com or by phone at 888-343-1313.

Common Questions Can anyone attend the auction?
Yes! The auctions are free and open to the public.

When are the auctions held?
The U.S. Marshals Car Auction is held every three months in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The sales typically start at 11:00am.

Where are the auctions held?
The auctions are conducted at 40 A Cotters Lane, East Brunswick, NJ. Go here to get directions.

How can I be notified of upcoming auctions?
You may sign-up for free email notifications or check the website.

Can I inspect/preview the cars?
Yes, there are two times you may inspect the cars. The first inspection is the day before the auction, you can hear the cars run and get inside. The second inspection is one hour prior to the auction, at this time the cars will not be started and they will be locked.

What is a salvage title?
A branded title means the title is branded with something, ie. salvage title, flood title, etc. You should ask your insurance company about branded title and what type of coverage they will provide on that type of title, if you give them the vin #, they can tell you what was branded on the title.

Is a catalog available?
An auction list/catalog will be provided at time of registration and is also available on the website.

What do I need to do to register for the auction?
Auction registration occurs at the auction location on the day of sale. Please bring your government issued photo ID.

What forms of payment are accepted at the auction?
Cash or Bank Check (Cashier's Check) ONLY

When do items purchased at the auction have to be paid for?
Once you have left approprate deposit, final payment can be made day of sale until the designated time or the following Monday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

When do my purchases have to be picked up?
Pick up is after payment in full has been made.

How do I know that these are legitimate auctions?
The use of the government seal on our website and in ads proves legitimacy. Also, you may check the U.S. Marshals website to verify we are a contractor for the state of New Jersey.

What is sold?
Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, campers and assorted personal property.

Can I get a good deal at these auctions?
If you are in the market to buy cars we are selling it is worth coming to the auction.

Is there a minimum bid?
The government reserves the right to accept or reject the highest offer at the auction.

Can I bid on the Internet?
Not at this time but we do offer Phone bidding on high end value items. You can always do a written bid which is explained in the terms of sale.

Do you collect sales tax for vehicle sales?
No, you will pay sales tax when you register the vehicle at the State DMV.

What fees are associated with my winning bid amount?
None, just the cost of your purchase and the taxes you pay when you register the car at the DMV.

Can items be shipped or delivered to me?
Buyer's can make arrangements for items to be picked up by a third party but they still must comply with the terms of sale. Also, the third party will have to have written permission and original documentation for the release of your property.

Is there a particular order to the auction?
The auction goes in lot number order.

How can I contact someone regarding the auction?
Information is available by email at info@cwsmarketing.com. image