Some auctions are listed as “export only.” What does this mean?

The term “export only” refers to merchandise identified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that cannot be registered, used, resold, or entered into the commerce of the United States or its territories.

“Export only” means merchandise is offered on the condition that all licensing and federal permits will be met by the buyer before exportation. It is recommended that you contact your local CBP office or engage the services of a Customs broker or bonded carrier for further information. You can also visit the CBP website or for more detailed export information. Buyers are responsible for obtaining and complying with all export requirements.

“Export only” general order merchandise must be physically removed from the United States within 30 days after the sale. Check the terms of sale for the specific removal dates.

All countries have their own customs laws and may or may not allow you to import your merchandise into their country. A customs broker or the customs service of the importing country can assist you in answering this question. Information is also available at the U.S. Government’s export portal at

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