If you would like to find out if selling by auction is right for your assets contact a CWS Marketing specialist to get more details.  Here are some of the types of property/merchandise that we sell.

  • Commercial and residential real estate, land, operating businesses, aircraft, vessels, vehicles, artwork, jewelry, collectibles, coins, special collections and more!

Below are some of what you will encounter by selling your property/merchandise through CWS.

Selling at Auction
  • Based on the property/merchandise specifics, you and CWSAMS experts will decide whether your property is appropriate for sale at auction.
  • A sales agreement detailing the project will be clearly explained and executed
  • A project-specific Marketing & Sales Plan will be developed by CWS’s in-house marketing experts
  • The appropriate auction venue will be determined allowing for buyers from anywhere in the world to participate in an event.
    • Live Auction
    • Simulcast Auction
    • Online/Internet Auction
  • Our staff will orchestrate every detail of the sale.  From pre-auction research and set-up, to strategic marketing, bidder screening, auction day activities, and closing, we will oversee the execution of the entire process, keeping you informed along the way.
  • Auctions are aggressively marketed via the internet, print advertising and direct mailing.  CWSAMS has over 40,000 subscribers to our in-house email auction subscriber list.
  • CWSAMS consistently achieves the highest prices at auction for sellers.

Please contact Tim Minoughan to discuss the specifics of your project.

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