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Reasonable Accommodations Notice
Requests for reasonable accommodations at a Treasury Public Auction of seized and forfeited general property, under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, should be directed, as soon as possible, to the following individuals depending on which sale you plan to attend:

Riverside, CA

Ms. Thurman-Bowen, Traci
Regional Facilities Manager
O: 951-571-2201
C: 951-236-2536
efax: 703-635-2182

Pompano, FL

Mr. DeArmas, Alex
Regional Facilities Manager
O: 954-861-5737
C: 305-807-7302,
efax: 703-635-2077

Dayton, NJ

Mr. Preble, Charles
Regional Facilities Manager
O: 609-395-2889
C: 732-522-2051, efax: 703-635-2175

General CWSAMS

Mr. Sean Fraley
Sales Manager
O: 571-364-7331
C: 714-264-5740

General AECOM

Ms. Huettner, Teresa
Director of Marketing and Sales
O: 703-330-4152
C: 703-853-0626
efax: 703-635-2533

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